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The Sight Reading Book For Band Vol. 1 Datasheet

Clarinet 1

An effective yet efficient means to practice sight-reading on a regular basis without having to retrieve music from the library, hand the music out to the band, collect it after rehearsal, reassemble the music in score order, and file it back in the library. Available in three volumes, each book provides one hundred short pieces (average length is 25 measures with a total of approximately 10 hours of sight-reading practice) and saves valuable rehearsal time. For effective rehearsal planning, an index is provided in the score with key signatures, meters and primary rhythmic figures to provide assistance in creating lesson plans. The music is arranged in a flexible manner so that it can be adapted to a wide range of ensemble sizes with varying instrumentation. The exercises feature various key signatures and meters, key changes, meter changes, accidentals, reversal of rhythms, repeats of various types, hemiola, and isolation of various sections of the ensemble. Books 1 and 3 are Easy to Medium Easy and Book 2 is Medium Easy to Medium in difficulty. The books can be rotated in use so there is always new material for students to read. An invaluable tool for the efficient preparation for sight-reading contests, allowing many opportunities to sight-read in class using theleast amount of time possible!



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