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Top 3 Tips to Blitz AMEB Exams

Thousands of students across the country will be taking their AMEB exams in the coming weeks (if you haven’t already!). Here are our top 3 tips to ace the additional tested components of your AMEB exam...

- Cheap Music Books

Top 3 Tips to Blitz AMEB Exams

By Cheap Music Books

Thousands of students across the country will be taking their AMEB exams in the coming weeks (if you haven’t already!). Below are our tips to ace additional tested components of your AMEB exam: 
Top Tip 1: Aural - Can’t remember part of the rhythm?Aural Tests - Graded Exercises In Aural Skills

Though designed to be tricky, remember, every rhythmic melody has FOUR bars. If you cannot remember the beginning part of the rhythm, just continue clapping the beat in time (and counting the bars) until you reach the section you DO remember.

Vice versa, if you can only remember the beginning section, start off clapping what you DO know, then CONTINUE clapping the beat until you get to the end… or just make it up! Make sure you keep to the beat. Most examiners will credit a half mark.

Top Tip 2: General Knowledge - No Grove needed!

Back in the olden days (the 80s), we had no internet to quickly look up background info, Italian terms or even general information about with which musical period the composer is associated! 

Ross Hamilton’s collection of Analytical Notes has made preparing for general knowledge super easy! Specifically designed to answer AMEB general knowledge exam questions, this is the answer key to anything you might be asked in your exam! Visit Ross Hamilton's new website for his full collection of music analyses

Your piece not there? Email Ross and he will happily quote you a price for analysing your specific piece for you, AMEB style. Gone are the treks to libraries that stock the Grove Dictionary!

Top Tip 3: Don’t sleep on your way to the exam! girl going for exam sleeping on the car seat

Once you’re awake on the morning of your exam, you will probably be squeezing in a last minute practice before you leave your house to go to the exam venue. The biggest tip we can recommend is NOT TO NAP afterwards during the trip! Sleep will make you feel groggy and you might feel a bit lethargic during your exam time.

So if you’re taking the train, don’t lull off - try to stay awake! If someone is driving you to the venue, keep busy – look out the window, talk to your driver, listen to music… but DON’T SLEEP! 

Hope you enjoyed our top tips! All the best in your exams! 
- Cheap Music Books